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Cee Cee and Rob's music is about life, love, and the things that make us human. It's real, it's raw, and it's magic. Their show is one hell of a ride!

Chuck Jones

Each of Cee Cee's songs = full happiness for our soul & our feeling! Her so powerful & wonderful voice is going each time in our heart!  A Great Artist, really!!

Marie B Denappe Sevaistre

There is not a song she so beautifully and honestly sings that doesn't speak to each and every one of us, our souls, and the lives we have lived. She is totally wonderful.

Peg Boley

Gut wrenching soul! Cee Cee will grab hold and never let you go. You don't just listen to Cee Cee, you experience her! Performing with long-time partner, Rob, this dream duo is not to be missed.

Kristi Pierce

Cee Cee rocks like a GREAT ROCKING THING! A voice that is a force of nature, and tunes that shake your bones!

Christopher Bingham

Raw, impassioned vocals that make you FEEL the journey, gritty electric guitar that clenches the fist and forces that momentary "pain face" when notes hit the right spot. Cee Cee James brings an experience you don't just listen to, you 'FEEL IT!'

Joe Horn

Çee Cee James is so deeply immersed in the love and pain of life that you can feel it in your skin. Channeling the greats one minute, unleashing a fierce originality the next, Çee Cee James is the real deal, baby. The real damn deal.

Sean Costello

These two are incredible. As I work and sing along with their music I find myself relating so much to the meaning of the songs. I have five CD’s recorded by them and I love them all. Such pure raw talent.  Thank you Cee Cee and Rob.  Fan for Life!

Dennis Reeves

Cee Cee's voice and incredible range, her song writing soulfully delivered with every inch of her being is quite amazing to see and feel. She embraces the story in every song and it becomes her own as she turns it into a living work of art.

Ron Beatteay